I am currently working on an exciting project in partnership with the English Montreal School Board on body modification safety. I am going to schools and speaking to students and giving a presentation that details:

  • Current legislation and regulation on body modification practices in Montreal
  • Risks associated with home piercing and tattooing
  • Risks associated with piercing and tattooing at low quality studios
  • Bloodborne and other disease risks
  • Jewelry quality
  • Tattoo safety
  • Common myths associated with tattooing and piercing safety
  • Examples of what to avoid
  • Information to choose a safe studio

For more information on getting me to your school to speak to your students, please see the CONTACT page.

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High quality piercing is available in Montréal!

I am available at my studio, Mauve, in Montreal and for all business related to Mauve, please contact me via our commercial site. I am the former piercer and manager of Excentrik studio in Montréal and I am a past apprentice of Pierre Black of Black Sun and Yanick Bleau of Excentrik.

My goal is to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your piercing and my service. I am always striving to advance my skills and further my education in this field so that I can continue to provide the best possible piercing experience for my clients.

I take body piercing very seriously! I only use the highest quality implant grade ASTM certified jewelry on my clients for their initial piercing as this helps achieve the required results during healing.

I provide a professional, safe, sanitary and inviting environment that is comfortable for everyone; whether it is your first piercing or you have experienced many body modifications.

For further information, please see the "About" section.